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 Chroma Key Portraiture



 Chroma Key Portraits

    Studio Chroma Key Portraiture

Before  After Bkgr Added Scene Added Bkgr Added   Bkgr Added
     In the past, studios used Muslin, Cotton, or Canvas backgrounds that offered limited colors and textures for the customers portrait backgrounds. With the new Chroma Key Portraiture, it is now possible to custom create a virtual background that complements any clothing color or set. There is no limit on the styles & colors of backgrounds we can present you for that traditional/non traditional background.

     Chroma Key also offers us the flexibility to pre design your background images or custom graphics that will offer a unique style to your event or portrait. We will train anyone who wishes to learn about setting up a Chroma Key Portrait style system.

    We train in lighting, equipment selection, camera techniques, creation of your own backgrounds, procurement of backgrounds from the internet, use of PhotoKey Pro 7 software for Chromakey effects and Photoshop 6 integration of the Photokey program.
    Pet Chroma Key Portraiture

Any size animal/animals can be accommodated as long as they can clear the door dimensions. Location photos for larger or outdoor animals is recommended. The use of foreground materials to make your pets comfortable is encouraged and then selection of a complementary background can be done in the software after the photo shoot.

    Product or Location Photography

Commercial photography includes any products that can fit thru the door or you can come to your customers location for the shooting session. All items are photographed using green/blue screen technology and backgrounds are stripped away to be replaced with the appropriate background or saved out as transparent backgrounds for you to insert in Photoshop.
     Product images can be supplied as: Digital files sized for web design, print, multimedia presentations, or power point presentations. This opens up a large range of media to support your customers needs.

     The examples below will show you some of the possibilities for product photo. Every job will require a different approach. Call Brian about questions you may have about how you can apply Chroma Key photography to your product line.
Green Screen Studio Setup Green Screen
Placed on White Bkgr. Green Screen with Transparent Glass Placed on White No Shadow Placed on Blue Bkgr & Shadow Location




Disclaimer: Brian Hartnell uses Chroma Key to enhance the portrait experience and will not intentionally misrepresent our subjects by using this technology to deceive any person or entity.