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 Copy Images & Print to CD/DVD


  Simple Copy and burn to CD Service:   


      Find those old photos, negatives, & slides in your closet. Sort thru the photos you want and place them in some form of order you wish to view them. Then we will:


1.   Copy Each Image
2.   Lighten or Darken where needed
3.   Sharpen
4.   Contrast Correct
5..  Color correct each image
6.   Crop each image to 4" x 6" proportion
7   Each image is saved as a 300 dpi file that will reproduce a great 4" x 6" print
Dust spotting over the minimum if requested is extra

      Copy to CD will allow you to view your photos on your personal computer, e-mail & print them at home or at a local photo outlet. Each will come with a custom label with the contents of your CD listed.


       Your images will look better than they ever have and they will be in a form you can share and enjoy.


                Quantity Pricing
25 - 49 Pieces          $ 1.50 Each
50 - 99 Pieces          $ 1.25 Each  
100 - 249 Pieces      $ 1.20 Each
250 - 399 Pieces      $ 1.05 Each
400 - 500 Pieces      $ 1.00 Each
Over 500 Pieces       $  .95 Each 


       Standard prices includes 4" x 6" @ 300 dpi. Larger print file sizes can be accommodated but they will take additional time and physical space on your CD. Call for any additional charges for larger images.



Burn to CD $8.50

Copy to your Thumb drive - Free





Copy & Burn to Multi Media DVD Presentation:


       Let us copy all your images (Pricing Above) and then Jazz up your presentation with Slide Transitions, Musical backgrounds, Titles. Keep your images in motion to tell a story that can be played back on your personal computer or a TV set top DVD.


      Multi Media DVD production starts at $60 and is dependent on time and number of photos contained in your program. All Multi Media presentation DVD's contain a folder with your Jpeg images in 300 dpi 4"x6" print size. Enjoy the presentation and share your images. Additional DVD copies with photo labels are $15 Each. They make a great gift for holidays and celebrations.



  • Tip 1: All projects with a large quantity of images to be duplicated will benefit when you organize your images into groups of related photos or time periods they were taken. This allows us to organize them into logical groups that tell a story.
  • Tip 2:  For Multi Media Presentations if you wish to place titles with names, dates, locations into your program, write down what you would like to see and reference the group of slides you are talking about.
  • Tip 3: Ask us about our Table Top Book Publishing that would create a Photo Book with your images.


Great way to display any Portraits / Family Photos / Weddings /Events




Copy & Fully Restore Services   




       Restoration projects require us to evaluate your image for damage and quote the time necessary to repair if possible. We will not quote a restoration until we physically see the artwork because every restoration project has different requirements and physical damage or needs. Some are relatively simple and others take a considerable amount of effort. Digital retouching, if required, is billed at $50 per hour & quoted in 5 minute segments with a 15 Minute minimum. The final restoration cost will be no more than 15% of the original quote without your authorization.     


       We can copy and restore any flat artwork - 35mm & larger slide/transparency - negative - print - glass plates. We start with getting your original into a digital copy so that we may bring your art into the computer for manipulation. No original image is damaged and only the digital copy is manipulated so that we can return your originals to you in the condition they were received. All originals used for a job remain in our studio and restoration is done using our in-house computer stations.


Copy & Restore Pricing

     1 Scan & Digital File  - $21.95

Additional Scans are $8.50 Each

Burn to CD $8.50

Copy to your Thumb drive - Free



Digital Files will be sized to allow you to print up to 8 x 10 @ 300 dpi.depending on the quality of your original.



Partial list of the repairs we have done:

  • Physically Damaged Photos -missing pieces/cracks/folds, mold on image, burned areas.
  • Discolored Images - Faded dyes, glare, chemical, water & sun damage
  • Darken/Lighten Images - Brighten or darken existing image
  • Hand coloring  an image - Enhance an image using hand coloring
  • Remove Hand Coloring
  • Combing different images into a finished composite
  • Remove or Add People to scene
  • Change backgrounds - eliminate, recolor or add a background
  • Copy and resize an existing image.
  • Add tints: Sepia, Selenium, B&W, Color Tints and many custom treatments.
  • Add special effects to create a unique image.


We have been doing high quality restorations since 1991. Our high resolution scanners/cameras offer the best quality images for restoration in Northeast Wisconsin. Our experience with Photoshop gives us an advantage over any other service in the area. Stop in for a quote! Any restoration we do is guaranteed to please you.


     Call for an appointment. We will submit a quote for time based on evaluating the condition of your originals. We offer the highest quality restoration at affordable prices.      



Low to High Volume Duplication Equipment

     Each copy job requires one or more digital solutions to copy and bring in your originals so that they may be worked on in our photo shop programs. Your originals are reproduced and never tampered with so that we can return your originals back to you untouched. All jobs are copied, retouched and reproduced to CD/DVD at our studio for optimum control of color. You will be amazed at the color and clarity of your finished photos. We have over 19 years of  digital reproduction and restore experience to bring back your photo to their best condition.


  35mm Slide & negative copy work is done with a dedicated slide copier using a 21 million pixel high resolution digital camera with a full frame digital sensor. This guarantees the highest quality possible. Your slide and negative images are then brought in to Adobe Photo Shop to manipulate and repair any damage.  
  A second option is for us to use Multiple Flat bed scanning devices which are useful for many in between jobs where the volume is low and the sizes will fit on a flat bed. Flat bed scanners offer very high resolution and flat images for slides, transparencies and prints.  
Flat, transparent and 3 dimensional objects are copied on a High End copy stand using balanced lighting and a flat surface. This ensures a quick and properly focused images for when you need to photograph a  large number of images of varying sizes.  
When your artwork comes in sizes too large to fit our copy stand, we can accommodate any size art with our studio lighting setup.


     No original photos leave our possession, items to be copied are returned to the customer in their original condition, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Let us quote you on your duplication or restoration project. The images you want to restore are valuable and time is not on their side as they continue to deteriorate. Give us a call at Brian's Cell: 715-927-0444.