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Copyright Law and our studio policy


    You may not reproduce a copyrighted image without the express permission of the artist. The Copyright includes the exclusive right to: (1) reproduction, (2) preparation of a derivative work, (3) distribution of copies, (4) public performance and (5) public display.


     A studio name, copyright symbol, and/or date of creation may appear on the image to assist you in determining if an image is copyrighted. Copyright law does not require the artist to mark his images to maintain his/her copyright. If a company wishing to copy an image determines that it was done by a professional studio/Artist, it is up to the customer to secure a Copyright release that would allow them to reproduce the work.  


      Our Restoration and Copy & Reprint Service adheres to the US Copyright Laws. It may be necessary for you to attain permission from the original artist to allow us to copy and restore your images. The term of a copyright is the life of an artist Plus 50 years. Our studio can look at your image, make a determination if it needs a copyright release and supply you with the needed form.


     Copyright for works for hire is 75 years from the date of publication of the work or 100 years from the date of creation, whichever comes first.