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Welcome To Brian Hartnell's Free Lance Photography/Training Home Page




Free Lance Digital Photography and Training


      Brian Hartnell is located in Marinette, Wisconsin and covers all of Marinette County and locations outside Marinette.. Brian has his degree in Photography and has been an active pro since 1971. He has closed his full service retail studio and retired but continues to take on projects of interest and training sessions to accommodate the public in learning about subjects he teaches.




Computer Basics & Digital Photo Training


      Teaching film / digital photography and basic computer skills programs since 1985, I continue to offer programs in various cities/villages to augment adult learning programs.


     The training we cover is reduced to 3 and 6 hour programs on specific topics to make your learning more successful. If classroom instruction is not timely for you we can do private instruction which does not require as much time as a classroom due to the personal nature of our training on your specific topic.


     Call us for your training needs or check out our list of programs being offered below & to the right. If you wish to be put on our monthly newsletter email brian@giphoto.com


     Personal training in your home will also allow us to zero in on your specific needs and therefore reduce the amount of time to train you on a topic.


Call Cell: 715-927-0444 and ask for Brian



History of our building:


      Visit our Historic Restored 1889 Hotel Building which was the former home of Graphic Impressions Studio until Brian's Retirement in 2015. Our building is now up for sale and listed with North Country Realestate in Crivitz, WI. Anyone interested in purchasing or viewing this property can see it at: www.hotelwausaukee.com or contact North Country Realestate.



180 & 360 Degree Virtual Tours & Panoramic Prints




       Virtual Tours are designed to allow customers to view a scene from any angle while displaying the tour from their personal computer device.

      Applications for this type of service include convention display, demonstrations, Real Estate tours, Advertising, Tourism images, Architectural walk thru's of buildings and construction among others.

      Files can be viewed on cell phone, tablet, web browser, projection equipment and any device capable of displaying an HTML document within a browser.


     We supply both FLV and HTML5 files for your web site to be the most compatible VR Tour using any Operating system or device thru your preferred web browser.


     View the 360 Virtual Tours of our Lobby, stair case entrance and 4 person Classroom above. Touch either of the three images above outlined in red and your tour will be loaded into your browser. They auto scroll upon loading but if you touch the screen with your mouse, you can manually move the image Horizontally or Vertically within the room. The screen will continue to auto scroll 2 seconds after you stop touching it with your mouse. Enjoy the tours.

     Pricing for Virtual Tours is dependent on time and complexity, call for a quote on your project.


Additional Sample Tours:


      St. Augustine Church Interior - 360 Degree Virtual Tour

      Wausaukee Play Scape 180 Degree Virtual Tour

      Marinette County Dave's Falls 180 Degree Tour

      Strong Falls-Goodman Park 360 Tour 

      360 Degree Log Home Interior


180 or 360 Printable Views:


    180 Degree Wausaukee Play Scape

     360 Degree St. Augustine Church Panorama 

     180 Degree Kenosha Historical Complex 

     360 Degree Dave's Falls Panorama






Call Brian to set up an appointment or meet with him at his or your home. Phone: Cell 715.927.0444.






Brian Hartnell Freelance Photography & Training
321 Jefferson Street
Marinette, WI 54143

Call Brian to set up a project or appointment at his or your location.

Brian's Cell: 715-927-0444
E-Mail: brian@giphoto.com

Monthly Photography & Computer Classes

Marinette & Menominee Senior Centers


All classes are designed for anyone wanting to learn more about their Digital Camera,  increase their skills needed to work with their Digital photo files, or lean how to work with Computer Software Programs and operating systems.

Senior Citizen Centers do not require students to be members of their organization and classes are not restricted to any age limits.


Ask about getting on our monthly newsletter that alerts you to new programs at all our sites.


Everyone is welcome.


Marinette Senior Center

November 14th & 16th Tues/Thurs
 9 am to Noon

Daily Computer Skills


Working with Microsoft Operating systems we need to know how to save the data we create to the computer so that we can find it, manipulate it, share it or back it up. Learn everyday Keyboard Shortcuts that will make it easier for you to do tasks in any program you work with. Use the My Computer/This PC software program supplied in the operating system to allow you to find your data easily. Create necessary folders, rename your files, transfer them between devices, attach to your emails or just display your data. We will also learn about the disk cleanup utility and defrag portions of the operating system that helps it run more efficiently. Learn how to keep your computer running smoothly with some simple steps.


     6 hour program  $25

Marinette Senior Center,  1603 Ludington, Marinette WI

Call for Reservation:      


Menominee Senior Center

November 14th & 16th Tues/Thurs
 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Navigating Windows 10


     Learn how to use the Windows 10 operating system. We explain about the the start menu,  elements of the task bar, and how the desktop works. We will move around all of the Windows elements to make you understand how they work and what you can do to customize them for your own taste and workflow. Bring your portable computer to class with the instructor using the hands on demonstrations.  It is easier to learn and remember when you are  actually doing the demonstrations. We will also talk about protecting your privacy when using this operating system.  


6 hour program $25

 Menominee Senior Center,  905 - 10th Street, Menominee, MI.

Call for Reservation:      

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